Area children to benefit from Wal-Mart program

April 30, Wal-Mart Private Fleet drivers are hosting a Wal-Mart Heart event set to benefit two area children.

The April 30 event will honor John and Jolene Green who attend school in Lyndon. While at the school, treats for their classes will be provided, in addition to information about the WalMart Heart program. From the school, they will be transporting both John and Jolene in Wal-Mart trucks to the WalMart store in Ottawa, Kan. When the convoy reaches Ottawa city limits, local police and fire departments will escort them to the store’s location.

Wal-Mart Heart is a program started by one driver and has grown to over 100 drivers volunteering their time and efforts to make a special day for seriously ill children.

With great assistance from the store personnel, there will be ceremonies making the children honorary truck drivers for the day. The children will receive hats, shirts and other gifts to make this a special day for them. The children will both be given a certificate and a shopping spree, all from money raised by volunteer efforts of the drivers in the Ottawa Transportation office.

More than 100 Wal-Mart drivers are involved in Wal-Mart Heart across the United States. For more information about Wal-Mart Heart, contact Wal-Mart Transportation office at (479) 273-4000.


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