Building project moves ahead at MdCV Elementary

MELVERN—At its regular meeting Sept. 9, members of the USD 456 Marais des Cygnes Valley Board of Education approved two grant requests and heard an update on the Quenemo building project at the MdCV Elementary School.

Superintendent Darrel Finch said he had received grant requests from two of the district’s teachers.

Carrie Lingenfelter, who teaches third grade at the elementary school in Melvern, asked to apply for a Target field-trip grant in the amount of $750. Linda Carson, who teaches science and language arts in Quenemo, asked to apply for a $1,000 grant from the Osage County Foundation. Money from that grant will be used to purchase Apps for the school’s iPads.

Neither of these grants require district matching funds,” Finch said. “I would recommend that both be approved.”

After a short discussion, the board unanimously approved both requests.

Also at its September meeting, the Board was updated on the construction and work that is being done at the Quenemo Attendance Center in Quenemo.

Bryan Murray, of T & T Flatworks, Lebo, said all of the playground equipment was being moved. He said the building shell had been completed, and the work crew would soon finish framing the interior of the building. He said electrical and plumbing work was scheduled to begin soon.

After hearing from Murray, Finch spent a few minutes discussing whether the district should continue to purchase all of its vehicle gasoline from Harley (a local gas station), or to divide it between a new convenience store that will be opening in Melvern.

“With Joyce Lacey opening her new store soon, I need to get the advice of the Board on what to do about our fuel purchases in the future,” he said. “Do we want to continue to buy all of our fuel from Harley, buy all of our fuel from Joyce, rotate by month, or assign certain vehicles to Joyce’s store, and the rest to Harley’s?”

Some discussion followed, but the Board took no action on the issue.


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