LETTER: Elected officials should be held to high standard

I would like to think that the reporter made an error, that a member of the council grumbled “Blow it out your---” as a citizen was making her comments about the city’s trash rates. However, I fear that is not so.

It makes me both sad and at the same time offended that we have elected officials that would be so rude and crude in a public meeting and that a citizen’s comments would be dismissed in such a crude fashion. I do hope that after the meeting the mayor or someone took the council member off to the side and told him, Hey, clean up your act.

As someone who spent over 20 years in military service, I am not prudish about language but in a public meeting, there should be a certain level of decency by elected officials. If they cannot be held to a high standard, they should not be in public office.

Sam Newland
Osage City

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