Phone outage effects 911, long distance

According to the Osage County Sheriff’s Office, a telephone outage is affected part of Osage County Monday morning, including the county’s 911 system.

“This is affected all 911 incoming calls to Osage County Sheriff’s Office,” said Laurie Dunn, sheriff. “Those 911 calls are being routed to either Franklin County Sheriff’s Office or Coffey County Sheriff’s Office. Citizens need to be prepared to provide more details to those agencies assisting us.”

The department said the outage additionally effect long-distance service for Burlingame, Lyndon, Melvern and Quenemo.

“We do not know what the issue is or how long this will last,” Dunn said.

An update at 11:14 a.m. said 911 and long-distance phone service had been restored.


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