Scranton gifted new pumper truck

SCRANTON—In the spirit of the holidays, the Osage County Fire District No. 4, Overbrook, has donated use of one of its extra trucks to the city of Scranton.

Russell Mitchell, district No. 4 fire chief, Sheila Dale and Buddy Rodgers, fire board members, were introduced by Ken Croucher, Scranton fire chief, during the board’s Dec. 6 regular meetings.

“On behalf of the Osage Fire District No. 4, we have purchased a new pumper tanker to replace two trucks and in turn, being that Scranton comes over and helps us a lot, we have an ’86 D-1 Pumper that we are going to donate to Scranton to use,” said Rogers. “The truck only has 12,000 miles on it, low miles. But what we are doing, in turn, you can use it all you want, but when you want to get rid of it, you have to turn around and give it back to us, and have insurance on it.

“Other than that, it will be your truck,” Rogers said. “We brought it over here tonight and you can have a look at it, if you want to look at it. It has a 1,000 gallon tank on the back, 1,000 gallon mid-pump on it, so it’s structurally rated for ISO, so those ratings will not change. The pump just came out of the shop from Olathe about a year ago, had new parts put on it. The truck runs fine. There’s nothing wrong with it.”

“So if we ever get around to buying another new truck, we can use that one until then,” said Croucher. “It will replace the ’72 we got, which is on its last leg anyway. This is going to help our ISO a bunch.”

“That’s awesome,” said Gary Burkdoll, mayor.

“We really appreciate Ken and the Scranton fire department coming over to help us out a bunch,” said Dale.

Croucher encouraged the council members as well as the audience in attendance to look at the truck, which was sitting in the driveway by the city hall. All the council members exited the building and agreed that the donated truck was an awesome fire truck.

“Once again, I want to publicly thank the Overbrook Fire Department and District 4 fire board,” Burkdoll said. “We appreciate that and I would entertain a motion to accept the gift.”

Jennifer Burkdoll, council member, made a motion to accept the donation from the Osage Fire District 4 with the stipulation that if the Scranton Fire department ever purchases another pumper truck, the donated truck goes back to Osage Fire District No. 4. The council approve the motion and thanked the board members for their gift.

The pumper will be stored in Overbrook until the garage door at the Scanton department can be altered to store the truck.

In other business, the council:

• approved payment of $630 to E-Z Plumbing for finish work at Joe Mc Daniel’s residence.

• approved $273 for supplies for the Scranton Fire Department

• approved $1,660 to buy utility poles for the maintenance department

• agreed to assist Wes Wright, maintenance employee, with hanging holiday decorations Dec. 10. Those helping Wright are Keith Miner and Gary Burkdoll.

• convened to an executive session for 30 minutes to discuss non-elected personnel. Ted McDaniel, police chief, also requested a 15-minute executive session as well to discuss non-elected personnel. No action was taken following either session.

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