Storms disrupt travel, power

OSAGE COUNTY—The county was generally spared from the high winds and hail that came with an aggressive serious of storms that passed through April 26. What it got was lightening and water. Lots of water.

The morning of April 27, Burlingame was impassable from three of four routes into the city, with Switzler Creek flooding to the east and north, and Dragoon Creek escaping its bounds to the south. The water quickly moved downstream and the routes were open by noon.

Due to the flooding, Burlingame USD 454 cancelled all classes on April 27.

Salt Creek threatened U.S. 75 south of Lyndon, but made good on efforts to close the highway north of Quenemo in the afternoon of April 27, remaining closed until around 8 a.m. April 28. The Marais des Cygnes River also flooded Stubbs Road to the south.

Additional flooding was reported around the area of Reading, and along various creeks in the county.

Lighting also created issues, striking Santa Fe Trail High School April 26 and disrupting services to the school.

“It hit the main power supply into the building, out behind the building,” said Steve Pegram, USD 434 superintendent. “It basically fried all the lines into the building and the main breaker panel. About $28,000 worth of damage.”

The high school was closed April 27 and 28 while repairs were made. Pegram said no other damages were reported to the building.

“That was the only thing we had,” he said. “When we turned on the lights, we figured we would have some computers or televisions fried. We haven’t found anything.”

Clean up continues this week, with debris removal and repair to several smaller culverts on less-traveled roads around the county.

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