Why family meals matter

By Cheryl Mussatto MS, RD, LD

The most important conversation of our lives happens around the family dinner table. Food nourishes life. Sharing it with family, nurtures living.

September is National Family Meals Month and is meant to encourage families everywhere to share at least one meal a week. When we return to the kitchen to enjoy wholesome meals together as a family, this unpretentious ritual has more power resulting in children who are smarter, stronger, healthier, happier and well-adjusted.

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Grandparents Day

100-year-old woman still makes time for grandchildren
LYNDON — One-hundred years. Four children, 13 grandchildren, 35 great-grandchildren and 19 great-great-grandchildren. It all adds up to a lifetime of family and love.
When Goldie Adams celebrated her 100th birthday Aug. 2, she was surrounded by many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, with the youngest at 1-years-old. In honor of Grandparents’ Day Sunday, Sept. 10, she reflected on what it means to be a grandma.

The power of purple produce

Cheryl Mussatto | MS, RD, LD for Dr. David Samadi

Burlingame, meet Burlingame

Burlingame relative visits Burlingame city

Burlingame relative visits Burlingame city

BURLINGAME – A Burlingame was in Burlingame last week.

Richard Burlingame, a truck driver from Pennsylvania, stopped at various sites Tuesday, Aug. 22, in Burlingame for a quick tour of the city named after his distant cousin, Anson Burlingame.



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